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Shipping & Returns

We always use the most suitable means of transport risk for your company to reduce tariffs . Most of the time , we never stopped by customs shoes . We are not responsible for products seized local customs . Any option or right that we can not control customs holds. We will do our best to help release the shoes, but if your customs hold your products , not for any reason, rule or policy released back to you, we will not be returned , is not responsible for this one instance.
If the order to be shipped to the United States countries, Canada and the United Kingdom , we guarantee customs clearance .

In order to adjust
We sold thousands of products, but each product inventory is constantly changing , although most of the products in stock, but we can not guarantee that all products in stock . Therefore, we need to adjust the transaction of your order . If some items are out of stock , we will notify you by e-mail , you can choose the same value products to replace them , or request a partial refund .

Delivery Time
We will immediately begin shipping work we receive your payment. Typically, this will require 5-7 business days to complete shipments ( excluding clearance time ) . Customer is responsible for providing comprehensive and effective address, including house number ( if applicable ) delivery. They are responsible for forwarding the mail , if they are on vacation and will remain , if they do not expect they will be in the home , the package is due to arrive.

Only in the following cases , you can request a refund
1, when your order has not yet been sent, you can request a full refund.
2, some items are out of stock , you can ask for a partial refund.

Exchange / Return
Please read the Exchange / return policy carefully.

Availability is subject to change without notice .
Although our products are comparable in style and A grade quality to the original name brands. We do not advocate , nor that they are original , we do not mean that they are completely identical copy. Therefore , they do not violate any copyright laws.

Orders may be delayed for reasons:

1."Bill To" and "Ship to" addresses are not the same.
2. Product current is out of stock.
3. Order is pending a credit approval and verification.

Contact us by buying you agree to our terms , we are not responsible for any action on behalf of the local customs .

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